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I have worked with Tash on many projects over the past 6 years and can safely say she is one of my most preferred people to work with! She has meticulous attention to detail and has the capacity to explain things in a straightforward and logical manner. Her ability to effectively manage the process of a job from start to finish is evident by her organisational skills, the detailed instructions she provides and her clear methods of explaining requirements. I can highly recommend Tash as someone who knows her way around the world of editing and copywriting.

Michelle Grice
Shel Design

Services on offer

Once you've realised you want professionally writen materials, without the stress and time required to write them yourself, you simply need to decide what you want written first.

It's up to you how much help you need - whether it is simply a quick edit of what you have written, writing some content, managing an entire projct (such as an annual report or a style guide) or providing communications advice or management.

Whatever you've got in mind for a writing project, no matter how big or small, contact us for some help.

We work with you to make sure we know what you want and to present your document to your style and needs. All documents are written specifically for your business, not standard documents that are available everywhere.

How we can help you

The following list is a subset of writing services we offer to give you an idea of what tasks you can take off your own to do list.



Whether it is information in a newsletter or on a web site, you want articles that your clients will find readable and useful.

Word Constructions prepares articles for use in your customer products so that you can spend time finding more customers.

Articles can be written on topics that you want to include, and in whatever style suits your site or newsletter. We can also write articles and reviews about your products and services for inclusion in other newsletters and web sites.

In the meantime, you can access some articles for your newsletter or web site on our articles page. These articles cover a range of areas and are available for no cost as long as they are acknowledged as being by Tash Hughes.

Give your customers quality information, and they'll be back for more!

Tash has also had various articles published in magazines.



A website is of little use unless it tells the story you want it to. Whither you want to give information or make sales, you need clear, concise content that will interest and engage your visitors.

Word Constructions writes text for your entire site from scratch or a rewrite of your existing information, so that it all works together and gives a unified feel to your site and business. Alternatively, we can write portions of your site for you - perhaps an About us page, product descriptions, informative articles, introductory text or instructions.

If you already have some text, then Tash will edit it for you or just proofread it if that's all is required.

Examples of sites written by Tash include Interior Focus, EP Designs, Dressups by Tina and Save Time Online. Tash has also significantly contributed to the content of AvSuper and Business Victoria.



Brochures and flyers are an effective way to bring customers to you. You don't need to spend a lot of money to advertise your business as brochures are cheaper than many other advertising means.

You can promote your business generally or advertise special deals and events via flyers and brochures. Word Constructions can produce them such that you can print them yourself in the office to further save costs; for special flyers, additional graphics can be added for greater visual impact and we can coordinate that for you as well. See some sample flyers here and a sample brochure here.

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Sending a regular newsletter to clients and other interested people is a good way to keep your customers happy; happy customers means more sales for less cost to you. Your customers will appreciate your newsletter being informative and well set out, so it is worth taking time to make your newsletter a quality one customers will actually read.

Excerpts of some newsletters produced by Word Constructions can be viewed here. 

Tash can prepare newsletter content for you, and can also work with web graphics by email to develop an html newsletter for you, complete with graphics. It is your choice - have Word Constructions regularly prepare your newsletter or a template for you to work on. Alternatively, Word Constructions can produce relevant articles as content for your newsletter.

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Instructional Pieces

The last thing you want when selling products is clients returning to ask simple questions about its use. It will take you much less time to supply them with a clear and complete set of instructions to use.

Likewise, wouldn't it be easier to have a resource available for staff and colleagues to refer to so that all procedures and work practises are done consistently well without your constant supervision?

To save you time in various ways, let Word Constructions prepare instructional and information documents for you.  Tash has written a variety of instructional pieces, including an accounting instruction sheet, how to create bulleted lists and corporate style guides. Alternatively, learn about writing your own procedures in Tash's Preparing Procedures eBook.

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Business Reports and Documentation

The thought of writing a report turns many legs to jelly - writing is not a skill everyone possesses, nor is there available time.

Save yourself the stress and time of report writing - Word Constructions can write a variety of report styles to suit your need. Tash even has some experience with accounts and is able to help with your financial reporting requirements.

A sample business report written by Tash can be  viewed here.

Tash has also written annual reports, Product Disclosure Statements and Award Submissions.

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Academic Syllabus

Training and education are important in the modern working world. Many companies now train staff in various fields, either internally or externally.

Can you be sure your training notes and assessments are clear and easy to use? Do you have the time to write them out and check them repeatedly? And still be worried they aren't appropriate to your students?

From your notes and outlines, Word Constructions can produce training manuals and work books ready for you to print and hand out.

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Standard Communications

Business communications need to be professional and appropriate. Obviously, Managers and Business Owners don't have time to draft, write and edit a good letter every time a situation arises so having some standard letters and templates saves time an ensures consistency.

Word Constructions can supply you with a number of form letters to suit your business - maybe a welcome for new staff, answering requests for brochures, references, contract negogiations and promotion notifications.

Alternatively, you write the letter as needed and we can proofread or edit it for you.

For detailed communications, you may consider a manual or employee kit instead of a long letter for new employees, or maybe some policies for all staff to follow. This can help keep everyone working to the same rules and standards.

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Small business owners and managers need to multi-task. Sometimes, though, wouldn't it be good to have another opinion on things? Such as having someone to read through documents to check they make sense and contain no errors?

Word Constructions is available for just such occasions. Either to edit and even rewrite your work, or just to provide some feedback on how the document presents.

Tash has been involved in editing and/or proofreading countless documents. Some examples are the editing of The Parenting Journal (a book about relationships for new parents), Kinder Cuccina (a cook book produced by Ashwood Memorial Kindergarten in 2002,) web sites, letters, resumes, applications, information sheets, brochures and business reports. Tash has also tutored secondary school English students, including the editing of their work.

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