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   Sample of Instructional Procedure

As Voluntary Treasurer of the Oakleigh Occasional Care Co-operative Ltd, Tash prepared a procedural booklet for her successors. Tash based this booklet on the premise of future Treasurer’s having no previous accounting or computing experience. For security and confidentiality reasons, only part of this booklet can be viewed here.



  1. Prepare monthly pays for childcare workers
  2. Complete PAYG payment summary for each employee & forward yellow & white copies to employee by 14/07  
  3. Forward original (peach) PAYG summaries for all employees to ATO with a reconciliation statement by 14/8
  4. File Payer’s blue copy of PAYG summaries for all employees with a copy of  “the reconciliation statement sent to the ATO
  5. Check & complete workcover premium notices as received (usually required for beginning & end of each financial year)
  6. Complete BAS every three months on form sent by ATO
  7. Pay invoices and staff/committee reimbursements as received
  8. Maintain records of all financial transactions carried out by Co-op
  9. Reconcile bank account vs records each month
  10. Provide copies of financial reports (ie a profit & loss statement) to FUND BODY every quarter (ie end March, June, Sept, Dec)
  11. Ensure records are passed to auditor at end of financial year
  12. Report to members at general meetings on status of co-op's finances each month & make recommendations as required
  13. Prepare the FAR (Financial Annual Report) for DHS each July/August
  14. Send annual reports to DHS by end of March each year – general & financial reports
  15. Maintain employee records on MYOB

 1. Prepare monthly pays for childcare workers

Once the timesheet has been provided by coordinator,

    • Select "Payroll" icon in command centre
    • Select "Write paycheques"
    • Check cheque no. & date are correct
    • Enter payee surname at "Payee" box (1 or 2 letters will bring up the entire name)
    • Hit "Tab" & further details will be entered automatically for the payee
    • Enter the appropriate no of hours in "Hours" column then hit "Tab"
    • MYOB will calculate the pay & PAYG amounts
    • Enter appropriate centre in "job" column (eg 1234 for 123456 St staff)
    • Select "Print" icon
    • Enter the date up to which payees are being paid then hit "Ok"
    • Select "ok" to record cheque details
    • If a box shows with a query as to print size for cheques vs supplied paper, hit "Print anyway"
    • Select printer/hit "ok"
    • Pay slip will be printed including all details of the pay & this must be included with the cheque
    • Write a manual cheque for payee & mail it
    • Hit arrow beside “reports” & select “payroll”
    • Select “payroll activity summary”
    • Set filters to pay period dates then hit “display” icon
    • Print page and file with timesheets in file  


              1. Some payees work in multiple roles …

              2. The Coordinator of the Co-operative is the only paid position. The Coordinator receives a weekly amount & is paid at the same time as other payees. The same procedure is to be followed as above except that in the "Hours" column, the number of weeks in the pay period needs to be entered.

2. Maintain employee records on MYOB

          a.     Add a new employee or alter existing records:

    • Select “card file” icon in command centre
    • Select “cards” box
    • Hit “employee” tab at top of screen
    • Select “new” icon at bottom of screen
    • Enter employee basic details  or Click on white arrow beside employee name
    • Change or add details as required
    • Select “payroll” icon at bottom of screen
    • Add/change details about TFN & pay rates on left of screen
    • Select appropriate items on right of screen by clicking beside them in “select” column
    • Click on white arrow beside items to see/change details
    • Hit “ok” on two screens
    • Hit “close”

     b.     For new employees:

    • Collect a completed Tax Declaration ASAP
    • Complete employer sections of form and mail to ATO within 14 days of receipt
    • Add tax file number to employee records – check details correct
    • Select tax category of employee in MYOB according to declaration
    • File declaration and keep confidential
    • Ensure an employee record is completed & handed to Coordinator for distribution to centres



© 2003 - 12, Tash Hughes