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Articles written by Tash Hughes

As a business owner or manager, you want quality content for your customers to read on your web site or in your newsletter. Good content gives higher rankings and happier customers; happier customers keep your business running.

Instead of spending hours sweating over writing or finding content for your newsletter (either electronic or paper based), let Word Constructions help and make use of your time on other things.

Word Constructions can write articles to suit your needs on topics you request so that you can share information with your customers and build relationships with them.

Alternatively, look through our list of articles below. Perhaps a suitable article is ready and waiting for you to use already?

Each article is researched and based on Tash's experiences as a  business woman, writer, parent, scientist and/or employee in engineering firms, superannuation funds and educational facilities.

The following articles are available for use on your web site or newsletter, free of charge, on the condition that the article is acknowledged as Tash's work and includes the URL www.wordconstructions.com.au and the resource box found under each article. The articles may not be changed in any way, attributed to any other author, be included in a compilation or be sold (that is, you may not charge anyone to read these articles).

Please notify Tash of the use of these articles, or to discuss the commissioning of other articles.

Business Topics - Communications:

Ghost writing

Using headings in documents

When to send a media release

Content as part of your brand

Basic Grammar

Knowing the purpose of your writing

Formatting letters

Know your audience

Importance of clear communications

Producing Ezines

What is a media release?

Reducing jargon

Web Content

Business Documents

Why use a professional writer?

Internet Content

Business Topics - New Business:

Running multiple businesses

What is a VA?

Finding the Passion

Creative ways to finance a business

Getting started

Domain names explained

Research a business idea

Domain Name Choice

Design Business Cards

Business Bank Accounts

Copyright Issues

Name Your Business

What is an ABN?

Why can't YOU start your own business?

Business Types


Business Topics - Managing Business: 

Outsourcing mistakes

File names

Getting ready for Christmas

The value of business events

Promotional Items

Accounting Tips

Mothers Day and your business

Refusing clients

Why use a professional writer?

Business Procedures

Dealing with customer complaints

Customer Complaints System

Benchmarking explained

Competitions as promotional tools


Using testimonials

Business Card Tips

Saving Time in your business

New Year, New Business

Marketing Explained

Business Documents

Getting Business Cards to work for you!

Being a Professional

Finding your USP

Being an Affiliate Retailer

Choosing Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Selling

Easter and your Business

Community Newsletter Advertising

What is Networking?


Making Use of Your USP

Separate your home and office

Assessing your advertising programs

Tracking advertising programs

Kids Helping your Business

Complementary Businesses

Reduce home interfering with business

General Interest:

Saving on lunches

Should ... not the way to live

Money savers

Where to have your wedding reception

How to be a happy bride

How to choose a reception venue

Love Letter Presentation

How to irritate your colleagues

Appreciate life

Love Letter Tips

House selling tips

Cheap Cooking Tips

Busy Busy

Home Cooked meals in a modern world

Good as a bought one

Resume Writing Tips

25 Job Interview Questions

Job Interviews

Healthy Christmas Eating

Save Time Online

Parenting & Family Issues: 

How to help with homework

How to choose a baby name

Children's birthday parties at home

How to exercise as a busy Mum

Bobbing for apples

Budget children's party decorations

Who's doing the dishes tonight?

Children's party games

Babysitting Clubs

Starting a Babysitting Club

What is a fertile period?

Choosing a childcare centre

Types of Childcare Available

Young Children and the Road

How do pregnancy tests work?

Hey Boss

Health and Fitness Issues:

Reactions to corticosteroids

Reducing the side effects of corticosteroids



Dealing with morning sickness

Climbing trees

What is Echinacea?

How does Echinacea help?

The Liver Cleansing Diet

Exercise and work

Prostate Gland Simplified

The benefits of bike riding

Bee stings

Prostate Gland problems


Make the most of walking as exercise

Taking Folate

Neural Tube Defects

PND facts

What is folate?

Head Lice Treatments

PND in simple terms


Head Lice Facts

Antibiotic Resistance

Chicken Pox Vaccine

The uses of aspirin


Chicken Pox

Slap Cheek or Fifth's Disease

Scientific and Technical topics:

Undertsanding pH Hydrophilic substances
Gross Pollutant Taps  

Please notify Tash of the use of these articles, or to discuss the commissioning of other articles.  

Want an article written for your website, blog or newsletter? We can help with that too!

This article is available for free use on your web site or in your newsletter.

It must be acknowledged as written by Tash Hughes of www.wordconstructions.com.au and copyright remains the property of Tash Hughes.

Please notify us of your use of this article or to request information on commissioned articles.


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