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Oakleigh Occasional Care Co-operative Ltd Community Group

Edition One                                                                         July 2002

Editor: Tash Hughes

Edition Two Contributions: Due 30th August at your centre

Parents & Staff are invited to attend an asthma management course at our Burton St centre on Friday 9th August. The course will run from 12.30 to approximately 3.30 at no charge to participants.

Fairies, pirates, geniis, police, builders, animals, superheroes and more……  Look out for all of these at Occasional Care in the coming months as our new dress ups & accessories arrive. Each centre will have a store of new costumes, as well as a box of outfits & accessories to share between the centres. Most of our previous dress ups were looking a bit sad so we’re adding to the collection and will happily accept donations of other suitable clothes & props for our children’s use. Playing dress ups encourages imagination and role-playing, as well as enhancing the skills of dressing themselves, and most preschoolers love doing it.

$$$$$$$ For everybody not at the June general meeting, do you know that the committee has decided not to charge the $6 fundraising levy this term? The levy is still in place (especially for terms one & two for those who haven’t yet paid) but we have the funds to cover it this term. The issue of fundraising vs a fundraising levy will be discussed at next year’s AGM as there are members who feel strongly about this.

Our remaining general meetings for 2002 are:

Friday 23/8                 Mary St                      Wednesday 18/9          Cabena Cres
Wednesday 30/10        Greville St                   Friday 29/11                Burton St

Please make sure you attend/have attended two meetings in 2002.

Don’t forget that all Cooperative members are welcome to use more than one of our centres. The operating times are the same for all sessions and the days are:

Burton St                     Mon                  Wed                 Fri

Cabena Cres                 Tues                 Wed

Greville St                    Wed                  Thurs               Fri

Mary St                       Mon                  Fri



© Tash Hughes