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Published Works

Freelance writer, Tash Hughes, has experience in a variety of writing styles and topics. Tash has written commissioned articles and reports on various topics over a number of years.

The following list of articles is a sample of work carried out by Tash, with links to the published article or a reproduction of it.

A number of articles can be found on her site at word constructions

Non-Fiction Articles ~ Published offline

"Insurance with superannuation" in the National Institute of Accountants magazine, National Accountant Journal, April 2006
"St George's restaurant" in Tasting and Feasting Excellence book, 2004
"What's Through the Window" in Windows,
Waverley Community Centre Inc, 2004
"20 ways to love your little ones" in Family Circle, April 2004
"Writing Prompts - the right way to write everyday" contributor in Writer's Digest, December 2003
"How do pregnancy tests work?" in Holmemade magazine


Non-Fiction Articles ~ Published online

Many articles and the general content of save time online were written by Tash specifically for the site.

Business Topics 

"Which domain name for me?" on Domain Registration
"Being Professional" on Home Biz Buzz
"Why can't you start your own business?" and more at Business Mums Network
"What is a VA?" and more on Beauty and Lace
"Business Documents", "Copyright Issues" on Party Plan Australia
"Business Card Design tips" on Web Graphics by e-mail
"Internet Content", "Save Time Online" on BizWIN
"Introduction to Copyright"  on Home Office Network
"How to choose a domain name" at Willow Country Graphics and Expression Mag
"An introduction to copyright" on Henderson Publishing
"Work from home interference" on Business at Home

Technical Topics

"Hydrophilic Substances" on Feed Forward Publications

Helpful Hints

"Busy, busy" on Genesis Life Coaching
"As good as a bought one" on Nerys Purchon
"Healthy Christmas Eating" on Save Time Online ~ Health
"The Silly Season" on Save Time Online ~ Christmas
"Wedding Speeches" on Online Celebrations
"Online Shopping" and "Why Subscribe" on Beauty and Lace

Reporting style

Member feature profiles on Business Mums Network
"Lock Up A Business Mum Day' on Business Mums Network

Parenting & Health Issues 

"What is a fertile period?", "Fundraising Cookbook". "Kris Kringle" and more on Kids n More 
"Types of Childcare Available" on All for Women and Business Mums Network
"Young Children and the Road", "How do pregnancy tests work?" on Mumzone
"What is a fertile period?", "Antibiotic resistance", "How do pregnancy tests work?"  on Alternative Baby
"Slap Cheek", "Chicken Pox", "The Use of aspirin", "Hey Boss..." on Real World Parenting
"Party Games", "Bobbing for apples", "What NOT to buy for Mum" on Online Celebrations
"World Breastfeeding Week" on Mums-the-Word
"Head Lice Facts", "Chicken Pox Vaccine" on All for Women
"Hey Boss" on Baby Web
"Neural Tube Defects and Folate" , "Bobbing for apples" on BeeMums-BeeDads
"Kids parties at home" and more at Smart-Mums


Non-Fiction Articles ~ not publicly available elsewhere

Profile of Dorothy Hewett
Discussion of authors speaking on “Writers on  Writing “ ABC Radio



Review of ST George's Restaurant in Tasting and Feasting Excellence
Holmesglen TAFE Small Press, 2004

Book reviews at Business Mums

Book review of "What happens when you die" in Melbourne's Child, August 2004

Book reviews by Tash are included at Aussie Reviews and Save Time Online

Product reviews are included at Kids n More

Fiction Pieces

Various stories at Five Minute Fiction

Flame Fairies and Hungry Thieves
Smoke and Flames and 90 candles
Flaming Shoes
Flames, Waverley Community Centre Inc, 2003

The Lady in the Garden
Hidden Agenda, 2004

Dragon Baby and Dragon Cliff
Frogs and Dragons and Magic, Waverley Community Centre Inc, 2003

The Lady in the Garden and Painting for Me
Interior Landscapes, Waverley Community Centre Inc, 2003


Tash also write fiction pieces for her own enjoyment. Samples of these can be seen by private arrangement.



© 2003 - 12, Tash Hughes