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By Tash Hughes of Word Constructions

Walking is great exercise for anyone and everyone. It is cheap and easy to do and has a lot of benefits for your mind and body.

But how do you get the most out of your walking program?

     Commit to a regular, consistent program of walking. Although each walk gives you benefits, it is the continued effort that produces the best results.

     Start at an easy level and build up. Starting off too hard risks injury and makes it hard to stay motivated.

     If you have an injury, dont push it. Walk at a slower pace or wait a day or so to rest the injury.

     Keep hydrated. Not drinking enough as you exercise leads to head aches, weariness and feeling unwell.

     Warming up and cooling down prevents injuries. So start walking at a reasonable pace and get faster, then slow down towards the end.

     Doing some stretches also reduces the risk of injury. A few stretches before you walk and more prolonged ones afterwards will also increase your flexibility.

     Keep it interesting. If you dont enjoy it, youll give it up sooner so add some interest in the form of different routes, watching gardens grow, setting challenges or walking with a friend.

     Find a walking partner or group to keep you motivated and get you out eh door.

     Take a number of small walks if that is less daunting than one long walk.

     Wear fitness walking shoes for comfort and to reduce strains.

     Try to walk tall and swing your arms as you walk. This helps your posture and increases the blood flow as you walk. It also helps make you feel good.

     If you want to increase the intensity, just walk a bit faster. Dont feel pressured into carrying weights or walking more strenuous routes if it seems too much for you.

     If you are starting from an injury, illness or a long time since exercise, it is wise to seek medical advice first

     Walking is the same whether you are indoors or outdoors. So if its cold or raining, why not walk around the house or even a shopping centre, or on a treadmill if you can access one.

     Try a pedometer to monitor how much you are walking without being aware of it. If you follow this technique, set yourself targets that involve some deliberate walking, too. Check out the 10,000 steps program for a realistic daily aim.


Melbourne writer Tash Hughes writes articles on health and family issues for ezines, websites and magazines. Tash also owns Word Constructions to help business owners have a professional presentation on paper and on the internet. For all your business writing needs, contact Word Constructions then get on with business.





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