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How to be a happy bride!

by Tash Hughes of Word Constructions

It’s the most important day of your life, right? And all the important people in your life will be there with you, won’t they?

So what is the secret of making your wedding special and a day that you can enjoy?

The perfect day…

Leading up to the day, you plan and prepare so that everything is done the way you like it – the right shade of flowers, the perfect dress, the best hair style, a seating plan that suits everyone, and so on. Those little details are important in making the day what you want it to be.

But when it comes to the actual day, forget the details! If you notice the florist gave you cream instead of off-white roses, smile; if there aren’t enough bows for the church pews, shrug it off; if the groom changed his mind and wears a different tie, laugh with him.

If you have planned well, there won’t be many things that will be different to your expectations anyway so just let them go. No one else is going to notice or care so why should you let it upset your day?

The unexpected…

It’s part of life that things can go wrong. But are you the only person who can fix those problems? Of course not!

The day I got married, I just decided that someone else would fix any problems and I could focus on having a good day. Everybody at our wedding was a close friend or family and any one of them would have done anything to help so I trusted everything to be cared for.

And for the record, nothing serious happened! A few people helped tip out ice from the champagne tub in the garden (a detail we had forgotten about!) before heading to the reception, and that was it!

And let’s face it – we have bridesmaids for a reason other than to look pretty in the photos. The bridal party is there to support and help the bride and groom so if something has to be done, let them fix it while you focus on the day. It’s better the bridesmaid misses the photos or the bridal waltz than the bride!


Ok, your wedding is important. Nobody will deny it and it is worrying about the details that makes the day special.

But don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Think about it – is your wedding day the only important day of your life? Other important days include having children, your 10th wedding anniversary, your children starting school, your grandmother’s 90th birthday, a loved one recovering from surgery and achieving something special like a graduation or starting a business.

If you believe this is the only and most important day in your life, then you are pressuring yourself and will find it hard to relax and actually experience your wedding day.

Remember, the really important event is marrying the man you love and the wedding is a celebration of that event. Keep that perspective and you’re bound to make it a day worth remembering!

The results?

By trusting your loved ones to help you have a great day and forgetting all those little details, you are giving yourself permission to have fun!

And if you’re having fun, it’s easier for everyone around you, like photographers, MCs, hairdressers and your groom. If those people are enjoying their work and finding you easy to deal with, they will do their job better, too.

I had a ball on my wedding day – and it shows in all the photos where I am smiling and laughing. Much nicer than some posed photos where the bride is frowning over some forgotten detail!

To be practical and move away from the actual day, what do you want to remember in five or ten year’s time? Do you want to look back and see the right shade of pink flowers? Or do you want to remember the love, warmth and happiness of the day?

A happy bride makes everyone around her smile and enjoy themselves, and remember the day fondly. And that will make your wedding truly special so enjoy it!


Tash Hughes is a professional writer and an incurable romantic! In between romantic gestures, she runs Word Constructions so she can solve writing problems for all business people. Tash regularly writers, letters, webcopy, media releases, articles, newsletters and marketing documents.


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