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Exercise and work

by Tash Hughes of Word Constructions (www.wordconstructions.com

 Whether you work at home for yourself or in an office for someone else, it is easy to spend much of your time sitting down and staring at a computer screen. And it can be hard to find the energy to do much exercise out of work hours, too.

We all know that exercising is good for our health, that it clears our heads and actually gives us more energy. But getting motivated to actually do some exercise can be tough, especially if we feel pushed for time already.

So instead of putting exercise off because you have no time for it, why not try mixing work and exercise as much as possible?

Here are some simple ways to move a bit more whilst working…

  • If you need to talk to someone in another room, ignore the phone and email and walk over to speak to them. It gets you off your chair and moving, but also gives you a chance to actually talk with a real person!
  • Next time you’re after some cheap, local promotions, why not walk around the streets doing a letter box drop? Even if you walk for ten minutes a day, you will be promoting your business and getting some exercise – perfect use of your time!
  • Each time you have to wait for a program to open, an email to send, a page to refresh or a document to save, roll your shoulders or stretch your arms to the roof.
  • If you have a cordless phone, walk around the house or even the garden as you talk. For those calls where you need to be near the computer or pen and paper, or if you only have a corded phone, walk on the spot or at least stand up whilst on the phone. And don’t forget to smile, too!
  • Every time you have to leave your desk, make it a longer break and move about.
  • If you need to do some reading, take the book or papers away from your desk. Sitting somewhere else will refresh your mind and getting there uses a few different muscles. Consider reading whilst sitting on an exercise bike and pedalling slowly or swinging your legs from a high stool.
  • Have some music playing as you work and tap your foot in time. Do some dancing in your chair in between typing into the computer, too.
  • If you work in an office, find a coffee shop a bit further away so it is more of a walk to get your morning tea. If you’re at home, do a few bench pushups while the kettle boils.
  • Try sitting on an exercise ball for part of the day. This way you are working some muscles even as you sit and concentrate on your work, and you will improve your posture as well.
  • When driving to the shops or post office, park at the far side of the car park. The extra walking time may well be saved by not searching for a closer car spot, and it will certainly save you some frustration and give you more exercise.
  • Set a timer on your computer so that you are turning away from it at least once an hour. Ideally, walk right away from your desk for five minutes, but even a few stretches and standing up will make a difference. If you feel you don’t have time for this, make the trips away from your desk practical – empty the rubbish bin, put away odds and ends off your desk, check the mail, get a glass of water and so on.

None of these techniques will prepare you to run a marathon or lose a lot of weight, but they will get you moving and increase your metabolism. They will refresh your mind and this may be just the space you need to finish your work on time so you can exercise after work.

Many short breaks from your work will also make you more effective at what you are doing, so what have you got to lose?


Tash Hughes is the owner of Word Constructions and is available to solve all your business writing problems! From letters to policies, newsletters to web content, Word Constructions writes all business documents to your style and satisfaction.

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