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Excerpt from a Naming Day Service:

XX’s family & friends are all here today to be formally introduced to her and to establish the foundations of her future amongst us. It is a time to tell XX how we will care for her, starting with her parents.

XX, as your parents we want to make a pledge before our family & friends on this special day.

We promise that we will always be there for you, to love you, to protect you, to encourage you, to listen, to guide and to assist you in understanding the trials & tribulations that life may bring, and to help & encourage you in finding your true self. To have hearts that never harden, tempers that never fire, and a touch that never hurts.

Thank you for having us as your parents, and we look forward to the laughter and tears we will share.

We love you.

Her Big Sister, XZ:

XZ, Do you promise to love& care for XX and be the best sister you can be?

Her “Guardian mothers”:

M, K & J, are you willing to accept the warmth & responsibility of being XX’s Guardians, to laugh & cry with her, to grow & learn with her, to dream with her, to cuddle & love her, and to be a positive part of her life?
We Do

Each of us is here today because we are important to XX, XZ, XC & XD, and they wish to share this celebration with us, as well as have us witness their promises to XX. Do you promise to love, support, encourage and share with XX?

We Do"



© 2003 - 12, Tash Hughes