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Welcome to the June edition of Business writing ideas.

First, an apology for missing the last couple of newsletters. It has been a hectic time and client work had to take priority.

Recently, we have been looking at various schools – it is an important decision faced byparents and it can be quite difficult. It’s interesting how different schools market to parents and students, though.

For instance, one school concentrated on the benefits of their type of school (girls only in this case) rather than their school specifically. This school was low on our list and they did nothing to convince us it is worth travelling to so our daughter isn’t going there.

On the other hand, the school that talked about student development and choices at that school, and had current students talk to prospective parents, made a much more favourable impression on us.

Do you agree that business-specific marketing is more effective than a broader approach?

Use your words wisely,


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If a writer knows enough about what he is writing about, he may omit things that he knows. The dignity of movement of an iceberg is due to only one ninth of it being above water.
— Ernest Hemingway

  business communications article by Tash Hughes

Write your draft fast
By Tash Hughes of Word Constructions

Let your first draft actually be a draft – it can be rough, have gaps, completely lack SEO keywords and not even be in full sentences.

Use your first draft to get the ideas onto the page, write out those great sentences you’ve thought of and get yourself started.

If you don’t know something (for instance did the business start in 2003 or 2006?), just note the gap (I usually use xx or some ellipsis) for later. Stopping to check facts takes time and disrupts your thought processes - filling in details is easy to do alter.

I would also suggest keeping this draft and saving a new version as you work on it. That keeps your original draft available as a reference point for your ideas.

A fast draft followed by good editing will get better results than aiming for perfection in the first attempt.

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  don't forget the basics of good writing and communications

Use verbs over adjectives
By Tash Hughes of Word Constructions

Tash is a great writer.

Tash writes annual reports and runs a successful writing business.

Which sentence is more likely to convince you to hire Tash as a writer?

Verbs tell people what your business does – they are strong and factual.

Adjectives are descriptive and less qualitative – too many become unbelievable.

Next time you write about your business, replace your adjectives with verbs and see what happens.

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  poor writing examples

Theory has its place, but an example often makes learning something much easier. In many areas, an example of a mistake or poor quality is an even more effective teacher than examples of the correct technique so here is such an example to learn from…

Today’s example is from a financial commentary, which many of us find hard enough to read, so particular care is required to make the writing clear.


There belief is market inefficiencies can be exploited in order to and maximise risk-adjusted returns.


The first thing I noticed was the wrong use of there – and given it was repeated in a subsequent sentence, it wasn’t a simple mistake. As we’re discussing ownership of the belief, the sentence should start ‘their belief is…’

I think the writer went back and edited their work, which is great. But in making a change, an error was added – ‘in order to maximise’ or ‘in order to {something} and maximise’ would make sense, but ‘in order to and maximise’ doesn’t.


Their belief is that market inefficiencies can be exploited in order to maximise risk-adjusted returns.


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