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Welcome to the August edition of Business writing ideas, name.

July and the start of August have just flown by for me - has it been busy for you as well?

With the announcement of the Federal election, we have entered political campaign mode. Which I personally find rather tedious. I think part of the reason of it being tedious is that many politicians communicate in a way that does not invite trust - they avoid direct answers to questions, they use big words and meaningless (but impressive sounding) phrases and blame the other side. Whatever you think of any particular politician, I think we can learn how to not to communicate our business 'platform' - genuine messages ring true and build good brands.

Unfortunately, there are also politicians out there who show that lack of concern for details is not good for a professional and intelligent image., Grammar and spelling are important - but so too is knowing that Islam is a religion (not a country) and they follow the Quran (not the Haram). Politicians making such mistakes look foolish which is a good reminder to check what our businesses make public to avoid looking foolish as well.

Use your words wisely, and I hope the election campaign is not too painful for you.


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It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen
—John Wooden

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  business communications article by Tash Hughes

Hidden communications
By Tash Hughes of Word Constructions

A swimming teacher on leave meant a different teacher for one of my children recently. My son often finds such changes challenging but he quickly settled in with this alternative teacher who ran a great class.

Discussing it with a friend using the same swimming teacher, we realised why one teacher appeared so much better than the other. She smiled.

Both were qualified teachers, kept the children safe and worked on their swimming skills.

One teacher complains about the kids fiddling with goggles and goes through the motions. The other smiles at the children, added imagination to their learning and didnít seem to notice goggle fiddling!

Have you checked what other messages your business may be sending out?

Is your business team smiling and happy to help? Or not?

Is your website and marketing welcoming and friendly? Or not?

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  poor writing examples

Theory has its place, but an example often makes learning something much easier. In many areas, an example of a mistake or poor quality is an even more effective teacher than examples of the correct technique so here is such an example to learn from…

Whilst looking at a major Australian website last month, I can across today's example which is grammatically wrong  and doesn't make sense at first read. This sentence follows a heading about the fact they advertise.


With more than 2 million members advertising is one of the most cost effective way to do so.


Let's start with the grammar issues. 'One of' implies there is a choice so there must be more than one thing to choose from, thus it is incorrect to write 'one of the way'.

They have two million members advertising? Ah, as you read further it becomes clearer they meant they have two million members and advertising is effective for the organisation. A simple comma between members and advertising would make this sentence much easier to read and understand - as soon as I had to reread it, the sentence become ineffective.

There is also a style issue that we generally write single digit numerals out in words, but their style guide may differ from general practice.

As for meaning, what is advertising a cost effective way of? By going back to the heading, I could figure out the answer but why should I have to search for meaning? The reality is people skim read so it's best not to assume they will read a heading and first paragraph in sequence.


With more than two million member, advertising is one of the most cost effective ways of connecting with our members.*


* Note I have corrected this example for grammar and writing components, not for any meaning or accuracy of statements.


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